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Benefits of a swiss annuity

Annuities, fixed or variable, are treated as life insurance policies under Swiss law and are exempt from Swiss taxes to foreigners residing outside Switzerland. It should be noted that that both legal entities and natural persons may be designated as beneficiaries under Swiss law. With respect to certain annuities and insurance companies, the policyholder may be a legal entity. The person insured, however, must in all cases be a natural person. Here are some and untold facts about swiss annuity.

Swiss annuities are safe, secure and worry-free investments.

You can instruct your insurance company to make annuity payments in any currency to any bank in the world of your choice.

Swiss annuities offer flexibility of choosing from various currencies (varies from different insurance companies).

Swiss annuities, unlike other traditional swiss franc investments such as bonds, stocks, bank accounts etc, are exempt from 35% Swiss withholding taxes.

Your swiss annuity is not 'locked out '. You can cancel your annuity anytime or if you chose to en-cash your annuity within a year, you can do it by paying a small penalty.

Swiss Insurance companies had NEVER failed in the past 150 year history, as the Swiss Law requires insurance companies to keep client funds segregated from operating costs. Thus your money is 'SAFE' in switzerland which is a very importantant factor you should consider.
The key to swiss annuity is "Asset Protection". According to Swiss law, insurance polices, including Swiss annuities, when properly structured offers protection from creditors and bankruptcy proceedings. Under the swiss insurance law, your annuity cannot be seized, and cannot be included in any bankruptcy proceedings. If an annuity holder names his/her children, wife or third person, no creditors or liens can be attached your annuity held in switzerland, even if they are aware of your annuity in switzerland.

You can also designate your beneficiaries as 'revocable' or irrevocable' in your annuity.

For Life annuities, you will always receive annuity payments, even if your annuity principal is exhausted.
You can make currency switch anytime