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Swiss Annuity - Online Application

We work with many insurance companies and agents in switzerland, depending on the needs of our various foreign clients. We can send you a proposal quote, along with all necessary brochures application forms by email or fax or postal mail as per convenience. It is free of any charges.

We encourage clients to make personal visit to Switzerland for a personal discussion, specific to your annuity investment. If you are coming to Switzerland, you will need to come to one of our office in Zug (about 22 miles from Zurich). It takes about 15 mins by train. Please mention in the online application, about your date of visit.

Swiss Annuity Application

Update: Swiss annuities currently not available for foreign clients. We only assist with clients within Switzerland.

Please select your choice of investment. Please only complete, this application if you are serious about investing in switzerland.
Swiss Fixed Annuity Plan. (Minimum Investment USD 50'000)

Swiss Variable Annuity Plan
(Minimum Investment USD 1 million or equivalent)